What is the relevance of civil society organisations today?


Solution:The arena that lies outside the private domain of the family, but outside the domains of both state and market is referred to as civil society.

  • Civil society is a non-state and non-market portion of the public domain in which people get together to form institutions and organizations on their own volition.
  • It is a realm of active citizenship in which individuals take on social concerns, attempt to influence or make demands on the state, promote their collective interests, or seek support for various causes.

It is made up of persons who have formed voluntary institutions. Political parties, media institutions, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, religious organizations, and other types of collective entities are all included.The basic conditions for admission in civil society are that the organization is not controlled by the government and that it is not simply profit-oriented.

  • Examples: While private television stations are civil society entities, Doordarshan is not. During the ‘Emergency’ that lasted from June 1975 to June 1977, the Indian people were subjected to authoritarian government. Forced sterilization programmes; media and government personnel are subjected to censorship; and civil liberties are being abolished.

Today’s civil society activists are involved in a wide range of activities, including advocacy and lobbying with national and international authorities, as well as direct participation in numerous movements.

s for land rights, devolution of urban governance, anti-rape and anti-violence campaigns, primary education reform, and so on.

  • In addition, the media has begun to play an essential role in civil society efforts.
  • Take, for instance, the Right to Information. This endeavor began as a rural Rajasthan movement for the release of information on government funding spent on village development and has since grown into a national campaign. Despite the bureaucracy’s reluctance. In response to the effort, the government was forced to create a new law recognising citizens’ right to information.

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