What kind of place is Innisfree? Think about:


1. the three things the poet wants to do when he goes back there (stanza I);

2. what he hears and sees there and its effect on him (stanza II);

3. what he hears in his “heart’s core” even when he is far away from Innisfree (stanza III).

Snehal, Subject matter expert at Edumarz

(i) The poet wants to build a small hut made up of clay and plant nine rows of beans. He wants to keep honey bees hive to accumulate fresh honey.

(ii) He hears the chirping sound of birds flying high in the sky, the sound of a lake washing off the shore, the glittering midnight and the purple glowing afternoon. 

(iii) When the poet is far away from Innisfree, he hears the sound of water washing off the shore in his “heart core“.

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