What precautions can you take in your school to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases?


-Priyanti, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution: Schools host a large number of students daily and it’s of utmost importance that their health is not compromised. To prevent transmission of communicable diseases, certain precautions must be taken in schools. The most important of them is to mandate washing of hands with soap and water before eating and after visiting the washroom. Applying hand sanitizer (with 65% alcohol) should be a must after touching contaminated surfaces. In addition, it should be ensured that students maintain proper personal hygiene and wear clean clothes, carry clean handkerchiefs, and so on. They should be advised to shower and change their undergarments daily. The schools also must play their part in this battle; the washrooms have to be cleaned daily and no stagnant water should accumulate. The canteens operating near and inside schools can be subjected to regular check-ups and held to a high standard. In general, schools must ensure the establishment of a clean environment in general, so that no outbreaks take place.

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