What processes would you consider essential for maintaining life?


Anitha Dunga : Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution : Life processes that are essential for maintaining life are nutrition, respiration, excretion, reproduction,and transportation.

  • Nutrition is the process of taking food, its digestion and absorption processes. There are different types of nutritions. they are 

  • autotrophic nutrition : organisms which can prepare their own food.

eg : plants, they can prepare their food by taking carbon dioxide and sunlight and water from the environment. 

  • Heterotrophic nutrition : organisms which depend on plants or on other organisms for their food are called heterotrophs eg: animals.

  • Respiration is another life process which is essential for maintaining life. 

  • Some organisms respire through diffusion and some respire through the respiratory system. 

  • For different levels of organization animals have different types of respiratory organs like gills, lungs and some respire through skin by diffusion.

  • Excretion is another life process. Excretion means removal of waste material from the body that are formed during various processes. 

  • Excretion can be done by diffusion in lower organisms. 

  • In higher organisms for excretion they are different organs like nephrons in higher grade organisms, renal tubules, malpighian tubules etc.

  • Transportation is the life processes which means transport of blood, oxygen and other important material from one organ to the other organ. 

  • Higher animals have circulatory systems for transport.

  • Reproduction is a major life process that is required to maintain life.

  • Reproduction can be done in many ways by fusion, budding, and fragmentation. 

  • In higher animals they have reproductive systems.

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