Which division among plants has the simplest organisms?


-Suchismita,Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution: The division of plants which have the simplest form of organism is ‘Thallophyta

Thallophyta have primitive forms  of  roots, leaves, stems and branches. Which is the perfect feature for being a plant. These roots , leaves , stems and branches are not well defined. 

The division Thallophyta is classified into two categories: 

1) Algae-  They are chlorophyll-bearing thalloid, autotrophic and largely autotrophic and largely aquatic (freshwater and marine water) plants. Example: Spirogyra. 

2) Fungi-They are achlorophyllous i.e., and don’t contain chlorophyll (non-green) heterotrophic thallophytes. 

The term thalloid means structure in the form of plates and resembles a structure of a tree. 

The important feature of thallophytes – 

1) They are aquatic — found in moist or wet places.

 2) They are autotrophic, and the reserve food is generally Starch.

 3) They consist of a cellulose in their  cell wall around their cells.

 4) Mechanical and conducting elements are absent in thallophyta.

 5) They do not contain any specific characteristics of big plants.

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