Which part of the brain maintains posture and equilibrium of the body?


Kumudinee, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution: Cerebellum is the part of the brain involved in maintenance of body posture and equilibrium. 

Different areas of the brain are involved in different functions and their structural composition is also dependent upon function.

  • Cerebellum is a separate structure distinct from the rest of the brain.

  • It is commonly called a little brain.

  • It receives response from sensory organs, the spinal cord and other brain parts.

  • It regulates motor learning and movement.

  • Cerebellar cortex: it is a layer of folded cerebellar neural tissue consisting of most of the neurons.

  • Cerebellar nuclei: it is an innermost part of the cerebellum  containing nerve cells which communicate information from the cerebrum.

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