Which signals will get disrupted in case of a spinal cord injury?


Supriya SME at Edumarz

Solution: spinal cord is an important structure of the nervous system, as a column of nerves runs from the base of the skull down to the centre of back and make up the central nervous system. The spinal cord is 40 to 50cm long. Two rows emerge on each side and the nerve roots join to form 31 pairs of spinal nerves  Also the spinal cord is surrounded by the membrane and  back bone ( vertebrae). The main responsibility of the spinal cord is the movement and sensation as it carries signals between the brain ( motor cortex) and the rest of the body. Moreover It is a centre for coordinating many reflexes. 

In case of spinal injury,  the signal system will get affected, as the spinal cord is the connection between the central nervous system and the other body parts , thus two kinds of signals will get affected by the injury. 

First which is coming from the nerves form the motor cortex  to deliver.

Second signals to the  receptors are disturbed. Because both these signals come together in the spinal cord as a bundle to exchange responses.

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