Which tissue makes up the husk of coconut?


-Aqsa, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz.

Solution:  The type of simple tissue that makes up the husk of the coconut is sclerenchymatous tissue. They originate either from procambium or secondarily from parenchyma due to secondary wall deposition. 

Sclerenchymatous cells can be long or short in length. They are thick-walled and lignified. Sclerenchymatous cells are dead cells and hence do not perform any metabolic function. They have different types of lignin depositions and also have pits. They are sub-divided into 

  • Sclereids – Sclereids are short or irregular sclerenchyma cells. These are also called sclerotic cells. Their walls are thick irregular, and the lumen is very narrow. The walls show simple pits. 

  • Sclerenchymatous fibers – These sclerenchymatous cells are generally many times longer than broad. Most fibers are elongated and their ends are pointed. These have a narrow lumen and thick secondary walls. The walls may possess simple, oblique, or bordered pits. According to their in the plant body, fibers are classified into two types – xylem fibers or extraxylary fibers.

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