Why are human beings who look so different from each other in terms of size, colour and looks said to belong to the same species ?


Haritha,Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution:Humans look different from each other in size, colour and appearance due to variations.Variations present in humans are responsible for the appearance of different traits.Genetically, all humans belong to a single species.

  • Studying fossils and determining DNA sequences is important for studying human evolution

  • Human skin colour is used as the most common way of identifying different human races

  • All humans belong to the same species

  • Study of the evolution of humans indicates the evolution of humans from African origin

  • Humans also contain the same number of chromosomes

  • All humans show similarities in their DNA sequences

Human skin colour

The pigment responsible for skin colour in humans is termed melanin.This pigment is present in the epidermis and is formed by the melanocytes.It is present in two forms: pheomelanin and eumelanin.In world population human skin colour is depends on the geographical region,presence of ultraviolet radiation etc.People who live close to the equator have dark skin to protect them from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. People living at higher altitudes have light-colored skin.



Eumelanin gives dark colour to the skin and appears in two forms: brown and black.


Pink coloration is provided by the pigment pheomelanin in areas such as the lips.


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