Why are the small numbers of surviving tigers a cause of worry from the point of view of genetics ?


Bhawna Bhardwaj ,Subject matter expert at Edumarz

Solution- As the number of tigers is decreasing which leads to a decrease in the gene pool of tigers also. Sometimes a species may completely die out. It may become extinct.  If a species becomes extinct, its genes are lost for all time. It cannot re-emerge at all. If they die out and become completely extinct, then their genes will be lost forever. So, in this way, small numbers of surviving tigers cause a worry from the point of view of genetics.

Decreasing the number of tigers also causes ecosystem instability. Decreasing numbers of tigers increase the chances of survival of herbivores animals like deer, goat which rapidly increase in number and consume most of the herbs. After a few generations, most of the deer may die due to the shortage in the vegetable food supply. However, this causes ecosystem instability.

Factors which are responsible for the decrease in the number of tigers

  • Habitat destruction

  • Man-animal conflicts

  • Prey depletion

  • Lack of protection infrastructure

  • Diseases

  • Rush of tourists

  • Illegal wildlife trade

  • Lure for money


     How to stop tiger extinction

  •     Protect tigers and their habitats

  •     Reduce human-tiger conflict

  •     Protect tiger-friendly policies.

  •     Stop poaching

  •     Tiger numbers, population patterns, and dangers to tigers and their habitats are all being tracked.

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