Why do we classify organisms?


 –Suchismita , Subject matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution: The term Classification means categorising something in a whole so that we can denote them by a common name. This classification can be based on the same characteristics, same functions, same appearance , same habitat , same food habit and many more .

Similarities exhibited by the organisms help us to classify them as a whole. These similarities only help to form a class of the group of organisms, which help them to broadly distinguish them from one another. 


Suppose as we can distinguish between yellow royal bengal tiger to white royal bengal tiger by their habitat yellow tiger mainly live in mangrove forest while the white tiger we find in mountain forest. By this way we can classify them. 

And same as the example given in your textbook about the Jersey Cow and Desi Cow. according to their appearance ( physical characteristics ) we can classify them. 

For example ,Cow and Goat have the same type of food habit i.e. both of them feed on the plants, so , they can be classified as  herbivorous  .

So , we need classification of organisms to make studying easier and more convenient .

This makes the characterisation more prominent and can be studied as a whole and can identify the differences more feasibly. And also can be categorized much easily.

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