Why do we observe regional differences in educational attainment in India?


There are great regional differences in educational attainment in India. Some states like: Kerala , Tamil Nadu and Uttaranchal have higher literacy rates. While states like: Bihar Rajasthan UP (Uttar Pradesh) Arunachal Pradesh has low literacy rates. This is due to inequalities in income and wealth on a large scale and lack of investment by the Government on education. 

1. The people of these states give less importance to education and are mainly employed in the agricultural sector or informal sector that has very little to do with education. 

2. The people among these states suffer due to lack of proper incentives for educational development. 

3. The Government focuses more on metropolitan cities rather than the rural backward areas. 

4. Availability of resources In India there are wide disparities in states in terms of availability of resources, availability of schools, colleges, and awareness for education, etc. Hence this is also one of the reasons responsible for the present regional differences in educational attainment. 

5. Lack of proper implementation of Government policies. In some of the states of India either the benefits of Government policies on education do not reach or if they reach, there is lack of proper implementation. Consequently, the children of these states are deprived of even elementary education

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