Why is ecology not limited only to the forces of nature?


-Mamta Dey,Subject matter expert, Edumarz

Solution: Human activity has altered the ecology. It appears to be a part of the natural environment. Aridity and flooding, for example, are frequently caused by human activity.

1.Deforestation in a river’s upper watershed may make the river more prone to flooding.

2.Climate change as a result of global warming is yet another example of human activity’s pervasive impact on nature.

3.It can be difficult to differentiate and distinguish natural and human elements in ecological change throughout time.

4.Other clearly human-made ecological features can be found all around us. A farm, with its soil and water conservation efforts, cultivated plants and tamed animals, and synthetic fertiliser and pesticide inputs, is unmistakably a human alteration of nature.

5.A city’s built environment, consisting of concrete, cement, brick, stone, glass, and tar, makes use of natural resources but is mostly a human creation.

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