Why is the question of a scientific method particularly important in sociology?


-Anushree Ojha, Subject Matter Expert at Edmarz

Solution: Since sociology is a social science, the scientific method of research is critical. It aids the sociologist’s knowledge acquisition.

Sociology is the study of human behaviour as an individual and in groups, and sociologists must deal with many societies with varying cultures. As a result, they must conduct research and field work in order to gather public opinion and feelings on a certain topic.

The sociologists attempt to remain objective when analysing the data since they don’t want their own prejudice to influence their findings.

Some sociologists argue that in order to analyse society objectively, a scientific approach is required, and hence the necessity for a scientific method has been identified.

The scientific method is significant since it helps sociologists in their knowledge acquisition.

Sociologists work with people from various cultures, which may or may not be similar. They must conduct study and field work in which they must collect ideas and feelings from people or respondents in the area. As a result, sociologists attempt to adopt an objective, unbiased point of view that is not based on one’s own perception.

Some sociologists, such as Emile Durkhiem, believed that a scientific method was necessary for objectively studying society. As a result, a need for scientific technique was identified. He even conducted a scientific study on the topic of ‘suicide,’ using sociological methods to provide numerous rules.

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