Why is vegetative propagation practiced for growing some types of plants?


Haritha,Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution:Vegetative propagation is the most widely used method of reproduction in plants like bananas, oranges, roses, and jasmine that have lost the capacity to produce seeds.

The plants produced by vegetative propagation are genetically similar to the parent plant and possess all the characteristics of the parent plant.Plants formed by this method also produce flowers and fruits earlier than those formed from seeds.

Vegetative propagation

In this method, plant parts such as roots, leaves, and stems develop into new plants under proper conditions.It is an asexual method of reproduction in plants.

Methods of vegetative propagation

  • Layering-This method is used mainly for producing new roots in plants

  • Grafting-In this method a part of plant is inserted into another plant

  • Cutting-In this method new plants are formed from stem,leaf and root portions.

  • Tissue culture-This method is carried out in laboratory conditions


Advantages of vegetative propagation

  • Pollination is not required for this method

  • Easy to carry out

  • Plants are genetically similar to their parent plants.

  • The method of reproduction in plants does not produce seeds.

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