Will advanced organisms be the same as complex organisms? Why?


-Suchismita, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution: Yes, an advanced organism is the same as a complex organism

Advanced organisms means they have evolved from primitive form to advanced during the due course of evolution. They have changed genetically and morphologically both. Due to which the advanced characteristics have been developed to them. 

Such as from unicellular to multicellular , proper cell structure, and also distribution of load. 

Such as unicellular (amoeba) to multicellular (fungi). They have evolved from fungi to plants or animals. The changes are very prominent. They have started having different systems for performing different functions. 

This is the way the complexity of the organisms increased. 

So, the way organisms became complex they started from cell to multicellular to formation of tissue then organ and then different organ systems to perform different functions. 

Along with the evolutionary changes some have acquired the changes from their habitat also through a long period of time. This is called adaptation and after adapting that when they reproduce for new progeny then this will become a part of that species. By this only they evolved morphologically and genetically. 

For example – you can see that a duck is a bird but it can’t fly like a crow, because ducks have attached feet with a thin membrane which they have due their adaptation of living in the water. 

But if we have the genetic structure it is similar to birds only.

So, they have evolved so, the advanced form of organism is similar to complex organisms.

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