Women’s Health


There is a significant influence on health being a man or a woman, it comes as an outcome of both gender and biological differences. Women’s health is of a major concern as umpteen societies, they are not given much advantages by discrimination which is deep rooted in factors of socio-culture. For an instance, women are more vulnerable to diseases such as HIV/ AIDS. 

Some of the sociocultural factors that stop women from getting benefitted from quality services and attaining good health have been explained:

  1. Relationships between Men and Women are unequal.
  2. Norms that decrease education and paid employment opportunities.
  3. Only focus on women’s reproductive roles and actual experience of physical and emotional violence.

While poverty plays a big barrier to positive health outcomes for both men and women but it tends to be a bigger burden on women, for an instance, usage of unsafe cooking fuels. Women 

There is career, kids, family, volunteer work and friends. Umpteen number of women are facing a lot of responsibilities and stress, due to which they can manifest grey hair. But this stress with techniques of relaxation such as therapy, prayer, etc.

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