Write a note on how forests influence the quality of our air, soil and water resources.


Anitha Dunga : Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Answer : Forest influences the quality of air, water and soil in many ways. Some among them are below

Influence of forests in quality of air:

  • Forests increase the rate of photosynthesis in surrounding areas which leads to the increase in oxygen level in the environment.

  • Forest-rich areas have better environments because forests help in maintaining the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere by the process of photosynthesis and respiration activities.

  • Forests help in reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the environment, and thus prevent the greenhouse effect.

Influence of forest in quality of water:

  • To some extent water cycle is maintained by forests by the process of transpiration.

  • Plants conserve water and make them available to the soil.

Influence of forest in quality of soil:

  • Plants and trees reduce soil erosion. Trees act as barriers to escape the soil from place to place. 

  • Root system of the trees spread deep inside the soil help in holding the soil particles firmly and also help in reduction of soil pollution.

  • These plants help in maintaining the biogeochemical cycles in the atmosphere. Plants help in maintaining the carbon cycle, phosphorus cycle by making them available in soil. plants help in maintaining nutrition cycles.

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