Write a report as an eyewitness to the fire accident that occurred in your neighbourhood. Your report should be within 100-125 words. Invent the necessary details. You are Rashi/ Raman of 15, Ballimaran, Delhi.


                                                            FIRE AT PURAB VIHAR

                                                                     BY RASHI

                                                      15, BALLIMARAN, DELHI


A fire broke out on the tenth floor in C-sector Ballimaran yesterday night. The fire which was sparked by an electric failure in apartment 1004, travelled through the four other apartments present on the floor. The residents were alerted by a maid of the apartment of incursion. The fire, which gradually spread to the neighbouring apartments was quelled by the fire department, who arrived at the scene 10 minutes post the distress call.

The houses, after the fire was controlled, reported no serious damage, except apartment 1004, where the fire had originated. The walls were covered with soot, and the owners, who reached the scene 15 minutes after the firemen arrived, estimated the loss to be around 1 million rupees. 

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