Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘Poverty is the cause of all evils’, to be published in the Young World of ‘The Hindu’, Chennai.


-M.RANJITH KUMAR, Academic Content Writer                                                                    

                                          ‘Poverty is the cause of all evils’

                                                          By: ABC

In today’s world, we cannot buy anything without money. There is a price for everything that includes air and water which, was free a few years back. Water and air are two things that are very basic for human survival. Now it has come to a stage that only people with money can drink and breathe. People who live in poverty are facing difficulty even with drinking and breathing. So they follow the evil way for survival because of poverty. Due to poverty, many parents are selling their babies to other people. Poverty is the root cause of bank robbery and the breaking of ATMs. Criminal activities like chain snatching, illegal drug sales, murder happen because of poverty. Many people cannot buy food, without money and they are left to die hungry on roads. Due to poverty, many farmers commit suicide because they cannot repay their loans. 

The government is taking various steps to reduce poverty in our nation. If poverty reduces people can meet the basic necessities of life easily. So they will not feel the pressure to do evil things and this will lead to a society without criminal activities.

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