Write an essay on ‘work’. Focus on both the range of occupations, which exist and how they change.


-Anushree Ojha, Subject Matter Expert at Edmarz

Solution :  Work is defined as any activity that requires mental and physical effort and can be paid or unpaid. Its goal is to produce goods and services that are in line with human requirements. Paid employment is generally considered to be actual work, and paid workers are referred to as employed.

Informal and formal occupations are the two sorts of occupations.

Informal employment can be found in the unorganised sector of society, whereas formal work can be found in the organised sector.

Informal employment is typically undocumented, and workers are not paid on a consistent basis. Payment can also be made in cash, as well as in the form of goods or services.

Informal employment primarily entails physical labour, whereas formal employment entails both physical and mental labour. Workers are also provided a consistent monetary pay.

Work was done in traditional civilizations before industrialisation, and it was done in the house itself. This resulted in the formation of informal employment. However, when technology advanced following industrialisation, work transferred from the house to factories and offices, becoming the official sector of employment.

These professions evolve with time. For example, as the diversity of jobs increased and became more sophisticated, a specialised division of labour emerged. Industrialisation reduced processes to simple procedures that could be accurately timed, organised, and monitored, replacing human labour.

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