Write the summary of “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”.


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The Lake Isle of Innisfree”  by William Butler Yeats

The poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree ” is written by William Butler Yeats.  The poem initiates with a place called “Innisfree ” where the poet spent his major part of time in his childhood. He seems fascinated by remembering the time and wants to relive again as he finds it peaceful and full of natural beauty. He says that he will be going to build a small hut having nine bean rows and a honeybee hive where he can accumulate fresh honey. He elaborates the beauty of whether and how the chirping sound of birds made him feel alive. He further added that he will live alone in the hut and embrace the peace of nature. He wants to spend his time in the lap of nature and elope from the chaotic life of cities. He dreams of being in that place and the life he wants to clasp all over again, but the reality seems contradictory to his aspirations.

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