Write the summary of “The Road Not Taken”.


Shreya Jain, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

The Road not taken, a famous poem was written by Robert Frost. In the poem, he says at once, he was walking down the road when he found a diversion where two roads diverged in different directions. He has to choose one road out of these two. The poet stood for a long time looking as far as he could at the intersection. He could only walk on a single path. He observed and analyzed both the paths deciding which is the better one and choosing the road that seemed less walked over.

He thought of walking the other road some other day although knowing that it wouldn’t be possible. Through these lines, the poet wants to say that in everyone’s life there comes a point where we have to make decisions for ourselves. We are given certain alternatives but in the end, we just have to choose one. During that time, we see both pros and cons of the problem and then take time to decide which path to choose. In the same manner, the poet is also taking time before making any decision. The poet started walking on the road which had grass on it. The grassy road indicates that it was not used much and wanted wear indicates that only a few people have walked through it.

After walking for some time on the road, the poet feels that both the roads are almost the same. There was not much difference between both roads. Through these lines, the poet says that every choice we make has some advantages and some disadvantages. Problems are present everywhere, so we must be ready to face all of them. The poet says that in the future, he will take a deep breath and will say once upon a time I reached a point in my life where I had to make a choice and I took the road which was less traveled by people. It means he made a decision that very few people take. And that particular decision changed his whole life. The poet suggests that people should wisely make decisions in their life as it will have a bigger impact on the rest of their lives. He felt that his future depended on the choice that he made.

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