You are a press reporter. You have come to know of the kidnapping of a businessman’s son. Mentioning the title and the incident details, write a report in about 150-200 words for your newspaper.



                                       A famous businessman’s kid got abducted

                                                                        By XYZ

                                                                ABC Newspaper


18th January 2022, New Delhi; Last night, after coming back from work, I got a call from my office that I needed to report back as shocking news of the abduction of the famous businessman’s 6-year-old son. The news was restrained until the situation got out of hand, and the family had to report to the police station. The parents said that the child had gone to play in the playground accompanied by a caretaker. Generally, it took 1 hour for the child to return to the house from the ground, but that day, it took almost 3 hours, during which parents got worried and mentioned it to the authorities. The eyewitness in the Park said both the kid and caretaker were forced into a black van whose number plate was distorted. Later that night, they also got a call from the Kidnapper demanding 5 million In Indian rupee to release the child and the servant. Many reporters are awaiting his premises for updates regarding the matter.

Police said they are trying to find the abductors while keeping the child’s safety as their priority. 

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