You are a press reporter. You visited the site of a car accident in New Delhi. Mentioning the title, the date, the area of the explosion, the damage caused, etc., write a brief report in about 150-200 words for our newspaper.


                                                                   Car Accident

                                                          2 people die on the spot.

                                                                         By XYZ 

                                                                 ABC Newspaper.

14th January 2022. New Delhi; It was almost 2:00 am in the night when Karim, a street vendor also an eyewitness, saw two cars crashing on the main street near the Saket metro station. Karim said two vehicles, both in opposite directions, collided, causing severe damage to the vehicles and on spot death of both the drivers. Karim mentioned that “the cars were ruined, and the drives were dead.” He, the only vendor/ person on the street, ran to them for help but saw them dead lying in the car. He immediately called for help, and later, police and ambulance came. Families were informed with grief and consoled by police officers. The cause of the accident was careless driving by both of the drivers by blood sampling; it was found one of the drivers was drinking and driving. Later, high precautions were taken to prevent these kinds of mishaps in future.

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