You are Ajay/Asha of Deshbandhu Memorial School, Bhopal. Your school has recently organized a Science Fair. Mentioning the number of participants/exhibits, date, venue and the response of students, write a report in about 150-200 words for your school magazine.


                                                                  SCIENCE FAIR 

                                                                      BY ASHA

                                               DESHBANDHU MEMORIAL SCHOOL


17th January 2022,Bhopal;On 16th January 2022, a science fair was organized by the school which executed commendably. There were around 25 exhibitions in the ground and auditorium respectively, in which 5 participants were from our school. We feel amazed to hear about the responses of the students and blessed to have such wonderful students and teachers collaborating to make the event more successful. The projects showcased by the participants were highly remarkable and informative. The prizes were given accordingly by the principal and honorable chief guest along with the constructive feedback and participation certificates to each one of them. The speech was great and informative for the students. From celebrating the inauguration ceremony to dance and music performances to prize distribution in the end, the fair went on for two days very smoothly.

In the end, I want to say that it was a blast and successful event for our school which surely inspired many young students and people coming from outside the school.

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