You are an eye-witness to a road accident resulting in loss of human life and property. As a press reporter of National Herald, write a report in 100-125 words.


                                      IGNORED POTHOLES TAKES AWAY LIVES

  •                               By a special correspondent, National Herald.


February 04, 2022, Kolkata: A fatal accident took place yesterday at the main interjunction of Bally that connects the suburbans to the city, near Dakhineshwar Kali Temple. At around 8 am, Shantanu Mukherjee, 48, was driving his two children, Nandini Mukherjee, 15, and Supriyo Mukherjee, 12, to their school in North Kolkata. While trying to overtake a bus, Mukherjee, who was behind the wheels, missed a deep pothole on which the car tripped and crashed straight into the divider. Before anyone could realise what happened, a bus that was immediately behind, rammed against the Swift Dzire. The passengers in the car were rushed to the nearmost hospital where they were declared dead on arrival. The bus driver suffered serious injuries and in currently hospitalised in the Dakhineshwar General Hospital. The bus was moderately empty, hence no one else was injured. 

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