You are Keshav/Karuna, a social worker and counsellor. You are concerned about senior class students ignoring sports activities owing to the pressure of examination and coaching classes. Write an article in 150-200 words to be published in a local daily on how sports not only promote physical fitness but also influence our scholastic achievements.


-M.RANJITH KUMAR, Academic Content Writer

                                How sports improve our scholastic achievements


Every senior class student expects to get high marks in their board examination. People surrounding the students also want them to get high marks in their board examinations. Schools keep extra coaching classes to make the student perform well. So senior class students ignore sports activities due to examination pressure and coaching classes. Students think that focussing on sports while preparing for the exam would not result in very high marks. But that’s not the fact sports activities improve scholastic achievements and, many don’t know about this. If students study continuously without any sports activity, they will become mentally tired. They will feel lazy to study their subjects.  But if a student involves in a sports activity, his mind will get refreshed from time to time. It will improve his memory and concentration power. According to research children, who are physically fit perform better in academic activities than children who never get involved in physical activities. 

So students should change their perspectives and get involved in sports activities to improve their scholastic achievements. If students prove this to the world it will make learning an enjoyable process and students will be freed from examination and coaching class pressures.   

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