You are Keshav/Karuna, a social worker and counsellor. You are concerned about the stressed behaviour of both parents and students during the time of examination. Write an article in 150-200 words to be published in a local daily on ‘Supportive parents and stress-free students’ giving ideas to enhance healthy and meaningful PARENT- WARD rapport and for making the atmosphere relaxed and encouraging during examination time.


-Yogita, Academic Content Writer

                                                 “Supportive Parents And Stress-Free Students”                                                                                                                              By: Abc

While some stress is normal and even healthy, children today seem to encounter too much of the stressful lives. It can be difficult for a parent to stand by and watch their child go through the rigors of exams, whether in high school or college. Exams are tough for students – many of whom don’t take care of their bodies with late-night cram sessions, unhealthy eating habits, overdoses of caffeine, not to mention extremely high levels of anxiety and stress. While parents can’t take the exams for them they surely can help ease their exam anxieties in other ways. For example, helping them avoid procrastination by touching base with their assignments and exams, asking whether or not he or she feels prepared and has studied. They can also encourage healthy study and lifestyle habits like finding them a healthy snack that they might enjoy while studying, or talking to them about how important it is to get the right amount of sleep, and also inquiring whether they are taking any time off from studying to relax and have fun and that it’s not healthy to study all day, every day because he or she is likely to get burnt out eventually. They can also encourage the student to develop regular exercise habits and offer support before and after the exam by reminding the student of the love and support no matter the outcome of their exams. The parents should take time to remind them that their entire future does not depend on one particular exam and you know that they worked to achieve the best possible grade and it’s not the end of the world if their score isn’t what they hoped for. This would likely ease their stress as a lot of students put a lot of pressure on themselves to please their parents, whether the parents know it or not. This would ultimately keep the students stress-free.

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