You are Mr. Raghav, Physical Education Teacher in your school. Write an article for the school magazine, in 150-200 words, on ‘Exercise and Healthy Living’.


                                                ‘Exercise and Healthy Living’


Today majority of people have forgotten to do the exercise. Elders are busy with their work and, children are busy playing video games on mobile. These kinds of lifestyles will damage health. So we must understand the importance of exercise and be healthy.

Exercise will relieve us from stress and make us feel happy. Exercise will reduce our body weight. So the chance of getting chronic diseases is less for a person who exercises regularly. Exercise will improve the function of the heart. Exercise will remove the toxins of our body through sweat. Exercise will increase stamina. Exercise will build muscles and reduce obesity. People who never sleep during the night should do exercises regularly. It will help them to get sleep during the night. Exercises are good for our brain. It helps to increase the memory power of our brain. Doing exercise will improve the life span of humans.

These are the benefits of exercise. So everyone must do exercise to stay healthy and live a long life.

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