You are Raman/Ruchika. Write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine on the topic, ‘Life without Modern Gadgets’.


              “Life Without Modern Gadgets”                                                         By:- Ruchika

Technology has become a very important part of our lives nowadays. In the past few years, technology has evolved in many ways and without a doubt is even better than before. People are always developing something new that will improve human lives dramatically. Some of the creations that have changed our lives for good are the computer, telephone, mobile phone, tablet, internet, electronic and voice mail, etc.

What used to be bulky, expensive and at times, unreliable machines, gadgets now are faster, smaller and so affordable that every family member owns numerous of them. Needless to say, modern day gadgets are more of a necessity than a luxury.

These days, it may seem, people have enslaved themselves to modern day gadgets. This is why it is hard to imagine a life without them. They help people socialise, stay in touch with the world, world events, etc.

Modern day gadgets even make shopping an efficient and convenient experience and send messages and mails quicker than the postal service. Friends and relatives living in different parts of the world seem a lot closer all thanks to modern gadgets, such as webcam, etc.

Therefore, it is sufficient to say that life without modern gadgets would slow down and become less efficient.

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