You are Rohit/Rashmi Maharaja School, Jaipur. Your school had organised an inter-school painting contest. Mentioning the number of participating students, date and venue, write a report in about 150-200 words for your school magazine.


                                                                   Painting Contest

                                                                       By Rashmi

                                                                  Maharaja School


20th January 2022, Jaipur. Yesterday, 19th January 2022, our school organised an inter-school painting competition. Almost 100 students from different schools from class 8th – 10th participated in the competition. The match started at ten in the morning and ended three hours later; a number of students began gathering on the school grounds from 9 am onwards and occupying their spaces. The Principal initiated the ceremony by declaring the theme of the contest. Students started to paint exuberantly, mixing and matching colours. Teachers coordinated the event and collected the paintings from the students. A panel of judges was set up, drawing experts from various schools to declare the winner. Half an hour later, after the paintings were submitted, the winner was declared. Ariti Shetti, the winner, a student of 11th C from our school, was given a cash prize of Rs 5000. The second and third prize winners from the eleventh standard from a different were given Rs 3000 and Rs 1500 cash prizes, respectively. The rest of the students were encouraged into performing better the next time. 

The ground was cleared, and students left for home happy.  

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