You are Sweety/Suresh of L.M. Jain School, Ajmer. As Secretary of your School Co-curricular Activities Club, you visited a slum area in your city where the people suffered a great loss of life and property in a massive fire. Your school’s students rendered their services and material help to the victims. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine.


                                                        Students Help Fire Victims.  

                                                                    By Suresh 

                                                                L.M Jain School.


17th January 2022, Ajmer: A few days back, a slum area near L.M Jain School was caught by a massive fire. The fire caused significant damage and loss of lives. Almost 15 lives were ended, and several injuries were reported. The cause of the fire could be the overloading of electrical appliances, but it is yet to be confirmed. Yesterday, a group of students from our school accompanied by two teachers went to the slum and distributed clothes, food, blankets etc. which were bought by the donation money provided by the students and teachers of the school. It was nice to see students comforting the victims and providing them aid. The victims felt good and appreciated the effort. 

As the secretary of the School’s co-curricular activities, I would like to invite students to indulge in such generous activities. 

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