You are XYZ. The other day you happened to attend a seminar on “Case of Reducing the Retirement Age in Public Sector from 60 to 55” organised by the Rotary Club of your district. Write a report on this seminar for publication in The Times of India.


                                       Will the Retirement Age be reduced to 55? 

                                                            By XYZ, Reporter 

                                                             Times of India.

11th January 2022, Delhi; Rotary Club of Delhi Megapolis held a seminar on 10th January 2022. The panel discussed whether the retirement Age in the Public Sector should be reduced from 60 to 55. The majority in the meeting were for the movement and agreed on lowering the retirement age. According to them, the rise in the retirement age is not justifiable to the qualified youth waiting to enter into the public sector. Also, the amount that is paid as a retirement benefit could employ three youths at a time. The age, if reduced to 55, will enable the youth to take up the job and increase the workforce.Those against the movement implied that it would be still unfair as the young employees would earn one-third of that of their seniors. 

The result was proposed favouring the majority who said the age should be reduced. The decision was sent to the authorities for further discussion. 

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