You are XYZ, working for The Times of India as a reporter. Yesterday you were invited to attend a press conference called by the Chief Minister of Delhi on “Unprecedented Price Rise of Vegetables and Pulses”. Write a report for the paper covering what the Chief Minister said to tackle this issue against the background of the forthcoming assembly elections.


                                                   Delhi CM on Vegetable Price Rise.  

                                                                By XYZ, Reporter

                                                              The Times of India.

10th January 2022, Delhi; Yesterday, A press conference was held by the Chief Minister of Delhi on “Unprecedented Price of Vegetables and Pulses.” The meeting was held to bring up the rising vegetable and pulse hikes in the capital. From the last couple of months, several vendors have been addressing the fact people are buying fewer vegetables due to the high rise in price. Also, many of the buyers have been protesting the rise as well. The Chief Minister in the meeting brought up the conditions of both vendors and the buyers and discussed the leading causes of the situation. According to the vendors, the reason for such a price hike is increase in fuel rates as the vegetable in mandis is transported from other states through fueled vehicles. The vendors also said the rains could also be one of the reasons.  

To tackle the issue, The Chief Minister decided to reduce the sale price. Also, provide transport for the vendors until the rainy season gets over. The decision was made keeping in view the forthcoming elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

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