You find your mass to be 42 kg on a weighing machine. Is your mass more or less than 42 kg?


Since the weighing machine measures the apparent weight, our true weight is more, i.e., more than 42 kg

  • A weighing machine measures the weight of a body and is calibrated to show mass. When we stand on a weighing machine, our weight acts downwards while upthrust due to air acts upwards.
    So, due to upthrust, the body appears to lose some weight. As a result, our apparent weight becomes less than the true weight. The weighing machine measures this apparent weight, and hence the mass indicated by it is less than the actual mass.
  • When we weigh our body, an upward force acts on it. This upward force is the buoyant force.
  • As a result, the body gets pushed slightly upwards, causing the weighing machine to show a reading less than the actual value. Thus, the weighing machine measures our apparent weight, which is less than the true weight.


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