You were an eyewitness to the recent train accident between the Sealdah Express and the Golden Temple Express. Write a report in 150-200 words mentioning the loss of lives, the scene of rescue work by the neighbouring villagers.



                                                                  Train Accident.

                                        Almost 80 people were killed on the spot .

                                                                      By XYZ 

14th January 2022; Lucknow; On 12th January 2022, a dreadful accident took place between Sealdah Express and Golden. I was  traveling by car to Lucknow when I saw a crowd enclosed around the railway tracks. The sky was covered with black smoke, suggesting something terrible had happened. As I got close to the scene, I saw two trains had collided head-on, causing the first two compartments to crash. The sight was horrific; almost 80 people were killed on the spot. Someone had called the ambulance, and the injured were taken to hospital in an emergency. The locals from the nearby village and people that were close to the site helped victims in shock. The train authorities immediately stopped the services, and  the area was secured for observation. A later report said the accident was caused by improper maintenance of the rail tracks. Although strict action was taken, train authorities were advised to be more careful in future to avoid such mishaps. 

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