You witnessed a programme performed by differently-abled persons on Zee TV. You were very much impressed by their performance and were emotionally touched. Highlighting their talent, the reaction of the judges to their performance etc., prepare a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. You are Gopal/Gopi, Student Editor of the magazine.



                                                        Gopi, Student Editor


February 3, 2022: A few days ago, at the event of our 72nd Republic Day, Zee TV had organised a special show to mark respect for the makers of India and the prominent leaders who made India proud on the global platform. However, it was a different kind of programme entirely. It was one where the entire programme was run by differently-abled people, right from hosting the event to the performances that followed. 

Though the programme was a short one, it was scheduled to run for an hour. There were 3 music performances which included a solo acapella, two Indie bands, and 2 elocution pieces. The programme ended with a light and sound show that included shadow play. All the performances were extremely heartwarming as they portrayed different unknown episodes throughout the making of India as a republic. The judges were extremely overwhelmed, as were the audience members. It was really touching to see a programme of this kind being arranged and finally the ones who were pushed into the corner, now being recognised.

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