Your school organised a trekking tour to Manali during the winter break. Mentioning the title, the number of participating students, their experiences, write a report in about 150-200 words for your school magazine. You are Arun Byotra.


                                                           A Trek To Manali.

                                                             By Arun Byotra.

                                                                  ABC School.


18th January 2022, New Delhi; For the 12-day winter break from 1st to 5th January, our school had organised a trekking tour to Manali for the classes 9th and 10th. This was the first time school had gone to that place. Almost 50 students took part in the trek. They were excited about the journey and indeed enjoyed it. The students reached there at 4:00 pm and immediately set up their camps and started collecting wood for the fire. The next day, sharp at 6, after having breakfast, they left for the first trekking site. They spent the day climbing and exploring, reaching back at the base at 6:00 in the evening. The next day the same routine was followed but a new trekking site was explored. This was repeated for the next five days.Teachers were supportive and took good care of the students. To add a little more fun to the trek, a party was held by teachers after dinner on the last day. Students admired the journey and were unhappy to end it. They pleaded with the authorities for the continuation of such excursions in future. 

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