Your state government has banned the use of plastic bags. You are Amarjeet, a reporter of The National Herald. Write a report in 100-125 words on how the ban is being ignored and what damage the indiscriminate use of plastic bags is causing to the environment.


                                    STATE SAYS NO TO PLASTIC – PUBLIC SAYS YES 

                               BY AMARJEET, NATIONAL HERALD CORRESPONDENT 


2nd February 2022, New Delhi; The state government had announced a strict ban on plastic bags, exactly a month ago, with fines as high as Rs 50,000 to be levied on defaulters. However, the public in the past month has stood its ground and refused to join the campaign for sustainable development at the cost of economic efficiency and comfort. Plastic bags that entered the market due to their long-lasting and sturdy nature, now mar the beautiful spectacle of ponds, lakes, gardens and streets. Their non-biodegradable trait allows them to exist and survive far beyond amiability. Clogged sewages, obnoxious trash chutes and reeking backwaters are the result of the impertinence of the common people and strict, timely action is required to curb this rampant destruction. 

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